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Your Financial Anchor

Shoreline Wealth Management brings together financial advisors David Crossan and John Stephens with more than 36 years of collective experience in financial planning and investment management. We’ve seen time and again the power of education; by explaining complex topics in simple terms allowing our clients to grasp their money’s potential. It is essential to understand how a customized investment approach can help align their personal aspirations and financial goals. During a crisis, a Robo Advisor or computer application is not going to provide a buffer between a client’s emotions and their investments. At Shoreline Wealth, we act as our clients’ guide, walking along the path with them to provide stability, trust, and even a shoulder to lean on at times.

We chose the Shoreline Wealth Management name because the shore represents our community. It's where we grew up and a place where many of our clients call home. The shore represents a calmness, a lifestyle, and a sense of community — all things important to us, our clients, and our firm. Shoreline Wealth Management serves as our clients’ financial anchor.

At Shoreline Wealth Management, we cater to, not only wealthy, but also to the hard-working American that just needs some guidance on navigating to and through retirement. Our team is committed to creating comfort and stability for our clients through education and by understanding who they are as people. We communicate without jargon. We get to know you. We develop and tailor your financial plan, so you feel confident in reaching your goals.