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At Shoreline Wealth Management we thank you for placing your trust in us, and in our firm, with your portfolio. As you know, we pride ourselves on our unique approach to wealth management, building client rapport, and long-term relationships. 

What Clients Are Saying

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I met John Stephens when I first retired. He has been managing my funds ever since. I followed him from Wells Fargo without any hesitation. John has always explained finances so we could understand. We feel he treats us like family and recommend Shoreline highly."

~Nancy D.

The team at Shoreline make understanding the investment process and everything that comes with it straightforward. John takes a comprehensive approach to financial planning and takes the time to educate and make you feel like you're not just a number and your goals matter.

~Perry S.

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David Crossan and his team are a wealth of knowledge. They explain your options thoroughly in a way you can understand and that completely makes sense. They take the time to discuss your goals to ensure they put together the best possible plan for your future. I would highly recommend Shoreline to anyone looking to invest at any stage.

~Vickie B.

Everyone at Shoreline makes you feel like you are not just a number, they truly care about their clients. Their friendly staff is knowledgeable and always responds in a timely manner which is so important with everything going on today. Their financial planning tool helps me make sure that I am on track to meet my goals at any point in time. Very happy with the relationship, highly recommend!

~Carol S.

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John and the Shoreline Wealth Management team are superb and a very welcome change. I highly recommend this firm. Love the platform, frequent advice, access, availability, and fast and attentive service. The Wealth Vision and financial planning tools are second to none. You'll be impressed. If you're not satisfied with your current advisor relationship, Shoreline Wealth Management is the place to go!

~Jason K.

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Highly recommend! Shoreline showed me how to make my money work best for me and my future goals. In the complex world of investing, John and his team explained things in a way I  understand and I am so glad to have him as my Financial Advisor.

 ~Rachel H.

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Shoreline Wealth Management is an extremely easy company to deal with. Everyone is very knowledgeable, eager to help, and extremely forthcoming with needed information and strategies. We are glad we made the switch from our previous institution.

~Steve S.

John Stephens is wonderful and very caring and knowledgeable about the needs of his clients. Trust is so important in today's times and that is why I followed him from his previous employer. I highly recommend him and Shoreline.

~Joseph M.

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David and his team have been assisting us for years. Eldercare issues and retirement advice. We could not have accomplished these things without his caring, motivated, go the extra mile service. We honestly recommend Shoreline and the whole team to create a plan and to execute that plan through the ever changing investment environment that has existed over the last decade. Thank you David and Brittany for all the support you have provided.

~Russell M.

John and his team at Shoreline have been phenomenal. They’ve been a tremendous help with my retirement money and getting all of my finances in order. He explains things in simple terms so anyone can understand. So happy to be working with John and his firm.

~Joseph B.

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I just can’t say enough about David Crossan! David & Shoreline have proven to be consistent over time and I couldn’t be happier!!

~Chris C.

I have been a client with John Stephens for over 10 years. He is very knowledgeable, explains my investments, a pleasure to work with.

~Vera G.

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I had been with John Stephens from Wells Fargo in the past years. He invited me to Shoreline and I have the pleasure of his assistance. He has been a wonderful financial advisor as well as making you feel like a personal friend. He is amazing!

~Rochelle P.

Client Centered

Experienced and knowledgeable staff who provide excellent service to the customer. Take great care and pride in giving their clients the best possible experience. Highly recommended!!!

~Kenneth S.

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